27 January 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: John & Catharine Eckman

John Eckman (1830-1889) and his wife Catharine (1840-1898) are buried at the Zion UCC Cemetery in New Providence with five of their 11 children. That said, five are included on their tombstone, two are buried adjacent to them and four are buried with their spouses. 

John was born there in Strasburg Township, Lancaster County on 12 August 1830 to Henry and Elizabeth Eckman. Catharine Kezia was born on 13 October 1840 to James Cresswell and Elizabeth Herr. John was a painter. 

On 7 January 1858 John and Catharine married in Providence, Lancaster County. They lived almost directly across the street from the Zion Reformed Church (now Zion UCC). They had, as mentioned, 11 children:

  1. Clara (1858-1927) never married
  2. Charles Henry (1860-1887) married Rosa Kirchner, buried at St. Joseph’s in Lancaster.
  3. Dora H. (1861-1882) never married
  4. Margaret Estella (1863-1924) buried there with husband, Lewis Eckman,
  5. Martha Ann (1865-1924) never married
  6. John Grant (1868-1887) never married
  7. Darius J. (1870-1944) buried there with wife, Ella Doner.
  8. Winona Sue (1873-1950) buried there, never married.
  9. Kate Bernice (1875-1952) buried there, never married.
  10. Oscar Dale (1878-1933) never married
  11. Edith Alberta (1882-1962) married Robert Costello.
John passed away on 8 December 1889 in Strasburg Township, Lancaster County. He was 59 years old. Catharine passed on 1 August 1898 in Strasburg Township as well. She was 57 years old. 



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Photo and text by Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman 

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