16 February 2015

Amanuensis Monday: Reviewing my own journals from this day

My journals are a combination of a record of genealogy notes, a simple diary, a writing journal and finally a place to vent. Today, I continue to pull all possible genealogical information from them, and remove the venting entries. 

Entry from Tuesday, 16 February 1993:

Mom said Dr Jackson had said mid February. It was the 15th and she saw a little blood so she called him and he told her to meet him at Chester County Hospital 

She was in labor for 12 hours. In that time she got me turned around since I was in the breech position when she went in. I was born in the morning on the 16th. 

When I was little and in school, there was never school on my birthday. It was either President’s Day or a snow day.  

My grandmother always said she was 29 ½ like Jack Benny! I guess I decided that was too old. Entry from 16 February 1995: 

Today is my second 25th birthday. 

I was not so casual about getting older every year however. Entry from 16 February 1999: 

Hubby forgot it’s my birthday today. Not that I’m thrilled about turning 30. I feel so old. Mom remembered. She called around 8:30 this a.m. 

Entry from 16 February 2003: 

Worst Bday ever! Snowed so bad. Couldn’t make church. Couldn’t get to parents. College friend called. That was a nice ending. 

I must have gone to the Chester County Archives on Wednesday, 16 February 2011. Entry reads: 

11 October 1831 Jacob Still – Coroner’s Report. Jacob found dead in field died of intoxication and exposure. Died along with stranger Matthew McDonnaugh. Had an inquisition.  

Charles Still of Uwchlan
Exec 18 June 1833 by Henry Still
Balance due estate = $396.83
George King got $2 to dig grave. 

For the next few weeks, I plan to continue going through my journals. Some are the standard diary entries we all have. Some may be more exciting and I’m sure there may be one or two I simply shred and throw away! 

Your turn:

Do YOU keep a journal? If so, do you use it just as a diary or do you write about your family and your research as well? 


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