09 February 2015

Amanuensis Monday: Reviewing my own journals, continued

Last week I started reviewing my own journals. As I mentioned then, my journals were a combination of a record of genealogy notes, a simple diary, a writing journal and finally a place to vent. Today, I continue to pull all possible genealogical information from them, and remove the venting entries. 

Entry from 27 October 1992, a Tuesday:

Went to the Phila branch of the Archives yesterday. Hubby found his mom’s dad, Morgan Deyoe, on 1920 census. Morgan was a boarder and still single. Found five year old Morgan Deyoe in Greene County, NY in 1880. Father was Daniel G, age 44, and mother was Lousie, age 42. Also an adopted boy William Parker. 

That entry continued on with some other finds on my lines. Some entries of course have nothing to do with research but rather life as I was living it. On Wednesday, 28 October 1992, I wrote that hubby was laid off. I was scared, being six months pregnant and knowing that the store I was working at would be closing soon.  

Entry from Thursday, 29 October 1992, reads:

His grandfather, John Charles (Eckman), was on the force for 35 years. He was just about to retire when he a heart attack. His own father was on Phila’s force 18 years when he retired. He got shot in the Black Panther Raid and there were even death threats out on the family. 

When I read through my journals I always wonder what my kids would think if they read this. Should I black out certain passages where I am simply venting? Or where I am worried and had no one to talk to so I wrote out my problems and fears and concerns? The passage that made me think of this is one from 5 November that year. In it I talk about a sexual concern (remember I was pregnant at this time). Even as I read it now, I cannot believe I actually wrote that! So, it makes me wonder if any of my ancestors kept journals but through them away because, after all, most people keep a diary to write their deepest darkest thoughts, as well as memories. 

One final entry today … entry from Sunday, 6 December 1992:

What a night. Saturday afternoon hubby’s mom went to the hospital. She had been outside taking care of Lady and her pups. It was windy out and a piece of plywood flew off the kennel and hit her across the back. She’s now having muscle spasms but is home. 

I think I might, for the next few weeks, continue going through my journals. Having glanced through them, not every entry is such a gem. Some are the standard diary entries we all have. Some go into detail like this one did. 

Your turn:

Do YOU keep a journal? If so, do you use it just as a diary or do you write about your family and your research as well? What do you want to happen to it when you pass on?


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