01 February 2015

My Family Calendar This Week

My family events this week:

Happy birthday this week to Samuel Buckley, Uncle John (John Ruczhak), Dawn Soanes and Robert Walkling! This week is also my Godmother’s daughter, Mary Roebke’s birthday! May God grant you all Many Years.  

Memory Eternal
Polly Deyoe died 154 years ago today (1 February). She is hubby’s 3rd great aunt. She is the daughter of Jacobus “James” Deyoe and Annatje “Hannah” Walker.  

John Bing passed 125 years ago Monday (that is, 2 February). John’s my distant cousin! According to FTM, he is my first cousin five times removed. He is the son of Joseph and Elizabeth Bing. He was born in 1818 in Chester County but at some point moved to Centre County. There he married Melissa Iddings, fathered a daughter Wilda and died on 2 February 1890. 

Tuesday is the 16th anniversary of Mabel Lawrence Geib passing and the 31st anniversary of John Yuzwiak passing. 

Mabel is the daughter of Walter Lawrence and Olive Viola Eckman (hubby’s aunt). FTM considers Mabel hubby’s first cousin once removed. She was born in 1920 in New Providence, Lancaster County, and married Robert Geib in 1941. They had four children. She lived her whole life in the Providence area until she passed on 3 February 1999. She is buried at Zion UCC in Providence. 

My Uncle John (John Yuzwiak) passed away in 1984. I was in high school at the time. He was born in 1904. In 1929 he married Baba’s sister Catherine Kurenda. They had two sons: Steve and John. He is buried at Holy Ghost Ukrainian Cemetery, Valley Township, Chester County 

Emma Louisa Eckman Carrigan passed 74 years ago on 5 February. She is hubby’s 2nd great grandmother. She is the daughter of John Henry Eckman and Elizabeth Longnecker. She married John W Carrigan. She died in 1941 due to exhaustion associated with cardiac myocarditis, as per Death Certificate. 

My mom – Barbara Still Ruczhak – passed away two years Thursday (5 February). I think rather than repeating myself this week, I will remember mom on Thursday in a separate post.  

Friday will be the 7th anniversary of Horace Beattie passing. Horace is my first cousin twice removed. He is the son of Samuel Beattie and Nora Kilpatrick. Nora’s sister Mary is my great grandmother. Horace was born in 1918 in Montgomery County. He married Kathryn Hanrahan and they had four children. He died in 2008. Sadly, I never met that branch of the family. 

Saturday, 7 February, is the 168th passing of Lewis and Lucius Ford, as well as the 174th anniversary of Elizabeth Sides Eckman’s passing.  

Lewis and Lucius Ford, twin sons to Francis Smith Ford and Dolly Lucinda Deyoe, are hubby’s second cousin twice removed. According to Find A Grave, they share a tombstone, one on each side but joined together. They died in Lexington, on 7 February 1847, at just two months.  

Elizabeth Sides Eckman is hubby’s 4th great grandmother. She was born in 1757 in Providence Township, Lancaster County. In 1778 she married John Martin Eckman. They had nine children! She died in 1841.

My Family Calendar This Week will be a weekly feature. If you have suggestions on how to improve this feature please feel free to leave a comment below. 
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