15 February 2015

My Family Calendar This Week


Happy birthday this week to Francis Stuczynski. May God grant you all Many Years.  

Memory Eternal

Today is the 136th anniversary of the passing of John W. Deyoe and 142 years since Amelia Kunkle Eckman passed away. My cousin Deborah Sammons also passed on this day in 1974; she survived only a few hours. John (1826-1879) is hubby’s 2nd great uncle; he is the son of John W. and Mary Schemerhorn Deyoe and husband of Rachel Caroline Huggins. Amelia (1852-1873) was the first wife of Aldus John Eckman, hubby’s great grandfather. She died of complications relating to childbirth and is buried with the son – Ulysses – who did not survive long.  

Monday is the 94th anniversary of the passing of Martha Durkin O’Flaherty, my 2nd great grandmother. She is the daughter of Patrick and Abyan Murphy Durkin and is my immigrant ancestor of that line. 

Franklin Still passed away 84 years ago Tuesday. He was my 2nd great grandfather. He was the son of George David and Sarah Bing Still and the husband of Sarah Jennie VanHorn. He must have been an incredible man. He was a school teacher, a farmer and worked at the steel mill. He has two patents to his claim. That's him on the right with Jennie!
My great grandmother Mary Kilpatrick Still and her stillborn child passed 99 years ago Tuesday. The daughter of James Kilpatrick, Mary is my immigrant on that line. She married Pierson George Still, son of Franklin and Sarah Jennie VanHorn Still. 

Wednesday is the 36th of James Franklin Still. Uncle Jim (1910-1979) was a character! He was the elder son of Pierson George and Mary Kilpatrick Still.  

Thursday is the 136th anniversary of the passing of Johnnie T. Deyoe and the eighth of Helen M. Hudock Kurenda. Johnnie (1871-1879) is the son of John (see Sunday’s paragraph) and Rachel Caroline Huggins Deyoe. He was just eight when he died. Mary was married to my cousin John Kurenda, son of Peter and Anna Letnianchepi Kurenda. Peter was my grandmother’s brother. 

My Family Calendar This Week will be a weekly feature.  
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