16 February 2015

On This Day: I arrived

Mom had family in East Fallowfield in Doe Run and Mortonville so she was well accustomed to that area. Those of you who are may recall those train tracks that cross over Strasburg Road right before you get to Mortonville? Now it is a Conrail line. Mom said she never recalled seeing a train there til late on Saturday, 15 February 1969. 

I was a thorn even then it would seem. Since I was in a breech position, her doctor had me in every position humanly possible she told - several times. She said she walked the halls and hung out with my Aunt Neva, her sister-in-law, who had given birth to my cousin Beth just a week earlier on the 9th. After several hours (I think she said 12 but I do not honestly recall) in labor, I finally arrived On This Day – 16 February - in 1969.


On This Day is a prompt I started this month to further explore historical events.


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