20 February 2015

On This Day: President’s child dies

The 11 year old child of President Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln died On This Day in 1862. His name was William Wallace Lincoln. The young boy, and his younger brother Tad, suffered from typhoid fever. He had been born in Illinois on 21 December 1850. He was originally buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Georgetown. Later, after his father was assassinated, his body was exhumed and transferred to the family plot back in Springfield, Illinois at the Oak Ridge Cemetery.

William - or Willie as he was called – had an older brother as well, Robert. Robert was off at Harvard when Willie passed and would be the only of the Lincoln boys to survive their parents. In 1850, the Lincolns lost their almost four year old son Edward Baker Lincoln to tuberculosis.
Photo: Wikipedia


On This Day is a prompt I started this month to further explore historical events.

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