23 March 2015

52 Ancestors: Same

I hold many things in common with my ancestors, the least of which is DNA, so this week’s 52 Ancestors Challenge was tough for me. Each week Amy Johnson Crow, of No Story Too Small, challenges fellow GeneaBloggers with her 52 Ancestors Challenge. This week’s prompt is:  What ancestor is a lot like you? What ancestor do you have a lot in common? Same name? Same home town? 

I am originally from Coatesville, though like many family members, I was born at Chester County Hospital in West Chester. Many of my family – on both parents’ sides – lived at one time or another in Coatesville. Family members who have lived in Coatesville at some point in their life are simply too numerous to name (that and many are still living).  

I was raised Roman Catholic. Many family members on my maternal grandmother’s side were Catholic, or at least raised Catholic. Like many, I left the Catholic faith. Like many of my dad’s side, I now practice Orthodoxy. Specifically I am Ukrainian Orthodox.  

Growing up, I attended Coatesville Catholic Elementary School. One of my cousins was in the same grade as me. At least three cousins and my sister attended there as well. After CACES, I went to Octorara High School. To my knowledge, only my sister and I attended there, although a cousin works there now. After high school, I attended Lock Haven State University. While I think I was the only one to attend LHU, my Aunt Helen (Helen Still Webster) also attended a State School. She attended West Chester State Normal School. 

Obviously my genealogy is my obsession! My Aunt Helen was such an asset. She provided so much information of family members she could recall. Her recollections, as well as copies from the family bibles, took me back several generations when I first started back in high school. 

There are so many similarities between myself and many family members. I also have many differences, which will be discussed in next week’s 52 Ancestors! Until then … 


52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is a weekly genealogical challenge issued by Amy Johnson Crow, of No Story Too Small.
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