07 March 2015

52 Ancestors: Stormy weather

Amy Johnson Crow, of No Story Too Small, challenges fellow GeneaBloggers each week with her 52 Ancestors Challenge. This week’s prompt is:  This is the time of year that the northern hemisphere starts to see severe storms. (As if the blizzards in New England this winter haven’t been bad enough!) What ancestor endured a particularly severe storm? It could be something like a tornado or blizzard or it could be a “storm” of bad things. 

I have a diary from my 2x great grandfather, Frank Still, from 1873. He would have been about 20 then. His first entry is dated the first of January and begins “Good sleighing.” He mentions eight males and two females that day so I believe this was his notebook from when he was the local teacher in Chester County.
He speaks of good sleighing for the next two days as well. On Sunday, 5 January 1873 there was “heavy rain.” He speaks of going to “S.H.”  to make a fire and get a “Storm Stand.”  

He had begun the year scribbling notes every day. By February he simply write a count of the number of males and females. By March, he stopped writing. His next note is the 30th of May. There is nothing again until the 6th of December. 


52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is a weekly genealogical challenge issued by Amy Johnson Crow, of No Story Too Small.

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