18 March 2015

Genealogy Do Over Week 11: Social Media & Networks

This week’s prompt is reviewing social media options, and building a research network. When I post an article, I immediately do a social media blitz.  

I personally begin with Twitter, using TweetDeck so I can add a photo. TweetDeck also allows me to schedule tweets that I want to run at another time. Then I use Google+, Pinterest and Facebook. From time to time I also use LinkedIn. 

My research networks can really be divided into three – often overlapping – circles. The first is other bloggers/genealogists who I follow. A full list is available on my Genealogical Gems. Click on “Blogs I Follow.” 

My Twitter network includes not just individual accounts but also the #genchat community, and the #AncestryHour community. The #genchat community, led by Jen Baldwin, meets virtually every other Friday at 10 p.m. ET. Friday, 27 March is the next session and the topic will be DNA. The #AncestryHour community, led by Susie Douglas, meets Tuesday afternoons at 2 p.m. ET.  

There are many – perhaps too many sometimes – genealogy groups on FaceBook. My suggestion: if it sounds helpful or interesting, then join it. You can always leave the group. Sometimes you simply cannot tell the caliber of the group until a week or so of posts. Groups range from a locally specific group – Lancaster County PA Genealogy – to a specific surname – Eckman Family Page – to more general or even a set research group already. Genchat friends, for example, is comprised on many of those active in the #genchat community. There are also some helpful history oriented groups, like The American Civil War. 

Regardless of your specific needs or likes, there is a group out there for you to network with. The help provided through these groups is often a God-send. 

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Genealogy Do-Over is a 13 week challenge from Thomas MacEntee, of GeneaBloggers.  

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