29 March 2015

My Family Calendar This Week

Happy birthday to Patricia Beattie, Lauren Morris, Alex Soanes, and Tim Peters! May God grant you all Many Years.  

Patricia Beattie is my second cousin once removed. She is the granddaughter of Nora Kilpatrick, who was my great grandmother Mary Kilpatrick’s sister. I’ve never met Aunt Nora’s branch of the family but would love to get to know them. 

Lauren Morris is also my second cousin once removed. Her great grandfather is my Uncle Reds (Raymond Welsh), who was my grandmother’s brother. Sadly, I have not met her yet either. 

Alex Soanes – Alexander really – is my third cousin once removed. He used to be my neighbor! We used to live right down the street from him, his mom (Dawn Mullin) and his five siblings! Alex and his wife still live nearby and they have three children. Oh yeah, Alex’s third great grandparents are Dennis and Martha Durkin O’Flaherty. They are my second great grandparents. 

I have not seen Tim Peters in years; sadly, I probably would not even recognize him if I saw him now. He is my third cousin. Tim’s great grandmother is my Aunt Helen. I mention her often. She was the youngest of my great grandfather’s (Franklin Still) siblings. 

Memory Eternal
Today is the 108th anniversary of David Still’s death. David is brother to my George David Still and therefore he is my fourth great uncle. David was a farmer in East Fallowfield, Chester County all of his life. He is buried with his wife and mother at Hepzibah Baptist Cemetery near Doe Run in East Fallowfield, Chester County. 

Monday, we remember Walter G Deyoe (141 years), and Joan Elaine Morris (nine years). Walter is the first great uncle of my husband. His brother Morgan was hubby’s grandfather. Walter was only three years old when he died. Joan is an aunt of Lauren Morris mentioned above (in the birthday section). Joan’s mother (Joan Welsh) is one of my Uncle Red’s daughters. 

Thursday, we remember my husband’s third great grandmother Elizabeth Eckman, wife of Henry Eckman. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Martin Eckman and Elizabeth Sides. She was 87 when she passed in 1875. 

We recall another Elizabeth Eckman that day as well. She was the daughter of John Jacob Eckman and Catherine When. She married Daniel (last name unknown). She died in 1875 at the age of 86. 

Finally, Friday is the fifth anniversary of my brother-in-law Frank Eckman’s passing. Frank was young, just 59 when he passed in 2010. 


My Family Calendar This Week will be a weekly feature.  
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