16 April 2015

52 Ancestors: Spell That

I am a little bit late on this but how could I miss this one! Seriously, did you notice my name: Ruczhak! It was Americanized when my grandfather went to school and the teacher couldn’t pronounce or spell it (could you just imagine the backlash if teachers actually did that now?). My grandfather was born Joseph Hruszczak and his father kept the spelling throughout his life here. 

This week’s prompt for the 52 Ancestor Challenge is “How do you spell that?” Sure, there have been some interesting misspellings along the way. All in all though, my Hruszczak line has actually been one of my easier lines to trace (here in America), unlike my Walsh line, to name just one of my more difficult lines.  


52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is a weekly genealogical challenge issued by Amy Johnson Crow, of No Story Too Small 
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