26 April 2015

My Family Celebrates and Remembers This Week

This week, my family both celebrates and remembers.

Happy birthday this week to my sister, Noreen! Hope your birthday is a … HOOT! Today is our cousin Sue Still’s birthday as well. May God grant you both Many Years.  

Memory Eternal
Ten years ago today my sister (technically hubby’s sister) Wilma Lee Eckman LeMon passed. She was only 52 when she passed. She was the daughter of Frank Eckman and Dorothy Deyoe and the wife of William LeMon. They have three children. She was a great friend, one of a very few I feel safe confiding in. She is deeply missed. She is pictured at left here with Dad (her father, Frank, that is). The picture was taken in my parents' front yard during our wedding reception in 1992.

Today we also remember my husband’s 4th great grandmother, Catherine Bumberger Herr. She passed 135 years ago at the age of 88. Catherine was the daughter of Michael Bumberger and Elizabeth Hawk. She married David Herr in 1808 and they had seven children. 

Monday is the sixth anniversary of my “Uncle” Ray’s passing. Raymond Coblentz married a cousin on my mom’s side. Ironically Uncle Ray and his wife, Denise, both graduated with my Dad! It is actually through my cousin “Aunt” Denise that Daddy and Mom met at a dance. 

Friday is the 70th anniversary of the passing of my 2nd great aunt Mary O’Flaherty Rogers. Born in 1868 to Dennis O’Flaherty and Martha Durkin, she was one of eight children. Her twin brother, James, sadly died as a child. She married Patrick Rogers in 1891 and they had six children. That's her at right.

My husband’s 1st great aunt Catherine Coursault Bonner passed 55 years ago on Saturday. She is the daughter of Charles Edwin Coursault and Apolina Morrill. She was one of seven children and it is because of her that I learned Apolina’s maiden name! Catherine married George Bonner in 1907 and they had four children. 

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