04 May 2015

The Van Vladrickens were at the Battle of Gettysburg

John P. H. Van Vladricken served in the Civil War with the 71st New York Regiment. Like so many young men, he was killed at Gettysburg. It was the second day of the battle and his regiment charged another. At that time, he had already served one three year enlistment and was in his second three year term. 

When he re-enlisted, his wife followed. Mary Van Vladricken became a field nurse in Sickle’s Brigade. She served as such even after her husband’s tragic death. Mary served thru the remainder of the war.  

According to her obituary, she had been captured by the Confederates at one point. Several officers and men who she had cared for at one time recognized her. She was treated then with consideration until being recaptured by General Kilpatrick.

She passed in January 1900. She was 70 at the time of her death, putting her birth about 1830. Her obituary mentions too that her maiden name was Deyoe and that she “belonged to a titled Holland family.”

Finding mention of either Van Vladricken is proving difficult however. There were nine enlisted men from the 71st New York Regiment who were in fact killed at the Battle of Gettysburg but it does not list them by name. They are also not listed as part of the 71st Regiment on either the New York State Military Museum website or the National Park Service’s Soldiers’ Database. 


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