13 June 2015

Lessons from the grave

Friday I received a lesson from the grave, as it were!

I went down Quarryville to get new brakes on my car. Well, it's actually Daddy's car and he prefers I stick with the Ford dealer down there and they have always been good and fair to my parents so no argument from me. Anyway, I got there a half hour early - forgot school was out already and I allotted for school buses on the road - and he got an early start on the car which in turn meant I got out of there earlier than expected. So, what does everyone do with an extra half hour? I stopped at a cemetery on the way home.

I chose the New Providence Mennonite Cemetery. Good choice. I will be posting the next couple Tombstone Tuesday prompts using some of the photos I took. But there is one in particular I would like to share today, along with my lesson from the grave.

I walked up to the stone and squatted down to take my photo of Richard B. Eckman (1910 - 1992) and his wife Verna Aukamp (1918 - 2003). It's been awhile since I have leisurely walked around a cemetery looking for no one person in particular just simply checking out the surnames. I did find quite a few Eckmans and Millers and Herrs and Kunkles.

When I got home I showed my husband the photos and said I really liked the new phone. The camera, I said, was pretty decent. He said he thought the camera was great and that I should look closer. And that is when I saw me!

Lesson learned!

It was such a nice day and I was so excited to be out walking around a cemetery that I forgot all about the sun. That and I did not realize just how good my new phone camera was. The one I just replaced would have never picked me up like that.

On the lighter side ... I did take a memorable selfie!

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