15 June 2015

Military Monday: Thomas Cheyney

Thomas Cheyney lies in rest at the Cheyney Cemetery near Cheyney University in Chester County. He is one of those men locals learned about in school – until the schools stopped actually teaching US history.  

Born about 1732, he fought in the Revolutionary War. He provided information about the location of the British troops directly to General George Washington which aided Washington and his men to evade the British. It is widely accepted that his persistence to speak with Washington saved not only Washington and his men but was a vital point in the fight for our freedom.

He married twice. First he married Mary Taylor. She passed in 1766 and three years later he wed the widow Mary Bennett Vernon. He had, according to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, eight children! The children were: Ann, Lucy, Richard, Mary, John, Alice, Elizabeth, and William. The account did not specify who mothered whom.  

He died on 12 January 1811. His land is now home to Cheyney University 


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