10 July 2015

Follow Friday

Several articles caught my attention this week but these two stood out:

Do You Have a Defective Ancestor?” by Amy Johnson Crowe reminds us all that the insane, blind, deaf, homeless and imprisoned all leave great paper trails. I myself have an aunt (Aunt Ethel) who lived at a special “school” because she had epileptic seizures. 

David McRae wrote a post yesterday titled “On This Day in Family History” which reminds me I need to get back in the habit of posting similar. There for awhile I had been posting a similar weekly post but I think perhaps an On This Day kind of post might be more suitable. Thanks for the reminder, David! 

I also attended two webinars this week.  

The first was on Tuesday. Crista Cowen, of Ancestry.com, did her weekly presentation. It is often a very helpful presentation. Last night, I tried to attend one from FamilySearch and it was disappointing. The slides were fine and I could follow – though nothing was new information – the presentation on naturalization. However, I could not get the volume to work and when I requested help from the host, I got a general answer to everyone that was simply “you need to connect.” Needless to say, I bailed early on that one since I was not getting anything from it. 

I’d like to close by inviting YOU to follow me:

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