07 July 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: O’Flaherty Family

In cleaning recently I came across a photo I took years ago. The photo was taken 23 years ago. It is that of my 2nd great grandmother Martha Durkin O’Flaherty, her son Hugh, his wife Katherine, and great granddaughter Agnes.  

I had this photo, like I said, for years and – until I pulled it out today for Tombstone Tuesday – did not realize exactly what I had. Awhile back my cousin asked me to find some information about her sister Agnes. Agnes only lived a few hours so I had never heard of her before then … or so I had thought. Here, I’ve had a photo of Agnes’ tombstone all these years.  

On the tombstone, I notice that Katherine is spelled without the E on the end. I am not sure what the stain is in the photo. I have a feeling it was water poured onto to read it better (I was still pretty new to tombstone photos then). It did make the writing clear just not pretty. 

They are buried together in Phoenixville, Chester County. I do not recall if they are in St Mary’s or at Black Rock Cemetery. I have not been to either in years … tho I forsee a cemetery trip in my near future! 


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