24 August 2015

Family days

I feel as though I have fallen down a bit on the job, so to speak. I wanted to write a little about family members who were celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, anniversary of deaths, and other important days. However, I just never seem to get that done. So today, I am playing catch up and trying to work ahead!

Saturday was my 23rd anniversary. We were married in 1992 at Our Lady of Consolation RC Church in Parkesburg (Chester County) by Father George Schneider. It was also my husband's cousin's 28th birthday. I remember feeling so bad that Devin had to share his 5th birthday with us. I am sure that was not what any five year old wanted to do on a beautiful August afternoon but he is a great kid and really seemed to enjoy being with everyone.

Sunday - yesterday - was my cousin Sharon's 35th anniversary. It was also the 10th anniversary of the death of Sharon's father (my Uncle Reds)'s second wife, Margaret Glebe Welsh. I have to admit I do not recall Sharon's mom. I only remember him and Margaret. To me, she was a very lovely lady. May Her Memory Be Eternal.

Today ... today 25 years ago my grandmother's brother, Peter Kurenda, passed away. Uncle Pete was the son of John Kurenda and Frances Skrabalak. He married Anna Letnianchepi and they had seven children. Today is also the 109th anniversary of the death of Katherine O'Flaherty. Katherine is the daughter of Hugh O'Flaherty and Katherine Dee. She was just a month old when she died. May their Memory Be Eternal.

Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.