29 August 2015

Man inherits girls ... in 1950

Wills often offer insight into the family. As I was researching the Freitas family in Rhode Island, I noticed an article about a man who inherited dancing girls ... in 1950!

Christopher G. Janus, of Chicago, inherited his late mother's third of his uncle's estate. His uncle, P. Z. Aristophron, died in 1944 in Egypt. Janus, under Egyptian custom, is responsible for the welfare of everything on the land, including the workers and their families. The families include 12 dancing girls for whom Janus is now responsible.

The girls range in age from 16 to 22. Janus' mother's share, and now therefore his, would include four of these girls. Janus' wife is not amused at the situation.

Newport Daily News, (Newport, Rhode Island) 5 January 1950.

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