02 August 2015

On This Day: Mary Kurenda Sokso passed away

It was On This Day, 40 years ago, in 1975 that my Aunt Mary passed away. She was one of my Baba’s sisters. I have vague memories of visiting her when I was little. I used to stay a week in the summer with each of my grandmothers and Baba and I used to visit her sisters and my grandfather’s sisters. 

Born 10 July 1910, she was the daughter of John Kurenda and Frances Skrabalek. On a brief side note, I’ve seen Skrabalek spelled various ways over the years and this one is the one I go with officially since it is the one my great grandmother Frances appears to have used. 

She married Andrew Joseph Sokso. They had three children: Andrew, Frances, and William. 

Vichnaya Pamyat! 

I must have been extremely sleepy this morning when I wrote this piece this morning. Aunt Mary passed away on 9 August 1975.


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