17 August 2015

Over a thousand men captured at Weldon Railroad

Over a thousand men were taken prisoner over the five day battle at the Weldon Railroad in August 1864. The National Republic out of Washington, DC reported that the number of men captured by the Confederates was 1,500.

Union General Ulysses S Grant led an attack on the Weldon Railroad at Globe Tavern in Virginia beginning on 18 August. The Weldon Railroad ran from Virginia to Weldon, NC. The battle continued five days.  

My 4th great uncle Benjamin Franklin VanHorn was among those at that battle. He served with the 90th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Infantry and was among those 1,500 men taken prisoner.  

The National Republican, out of Washington, DC, gave a detailed report of the accounts and the captures. The rebels charged between the 5th and 9th corps. In doing so, they captured a large number of Union soldiers. At the same time, a heavy column charged the western lines. The lines broke and again the Confederates captured several hundred men. The total loss, killed and taken prisoner, was estimated at 3,000. 


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