29 August 2015

Sorting Saturday: Random Genealogical Gems

My poor desks. I have just been piling things around and they were in need of a really good Sorting Saturday. 

I also found things … things I forgot I even had! I found a USB extension thingie. Like that technical term? It gives me five extra ports. I had forgotten all about that one. I found some seed packages, several books that I have not around to reading yet, and my renewal form for the National Genealogical Society (NGS). Fortunately the deadline is not until next week so I’m still good there! I even found the instructions on how to use my “new” Windows phone. I got it several months ago and simply ask my twin 16 year olds to “fix it” when I get annoyed! 

I found a post it note with information on my great grandmother’s naturalization information. Her name is Bessie Matys Hruszczak. The number written on a census was 3-172456 with the date 2/27/40. The 3 indicates District 3, which in 1940 was Philadelphia. Her application number then is 172456 and the verification date is 2/27/40. Now to find the actual paperwork … 

Another note reminded me that men born between 1872 and 1900 would be included in the World War I Draft Registration. 

I am the queen of post it notes but I really do need to clean more often! Another note reminds me of lesser known ports of immigration. Galveston was open in the 1830s. San Francisco was open in the 1840s. New Orleans was open in the 1820s. Philadelphia was a popular port in the 1700s and prior to that, Baltimore was a port of immigration in the 1600s.  

One of the books I have set aside to read is The History of Manheim Township. Manheim Township is a municipality in Lancaster County. I skimmed the book and one note reads that in 1941 there was a polio epidemic. It was so bad that school opened late that fall.  

There are still two more piles but those are more organized so they should be easy enough to get through. 


Sorting Saturday is a genealogical prompt of GeneaBloggers.

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