27 September 2015

Ancestor Appreciation Day

Today is Ancestor Appreciation Day. Last year, I listed my known ancestors here, back to my 6th great grandfather. Over the past year, I have added many family members both directly as well as side branches. My oldest daughter was married Friday and so now I have a few new lines to trace (some I already knew since she actually married her 4th cousin).

One project I want to work on is something one of my twins requested. It's essentially a photo book of family members. She got the idea (this is so cool) after watching Criminal Minds. It was the episode where an autistic boy sees his mother murdered. They show his daily schedule book (set routines are known to help autistic persons in their daily activities).

Do YOU have questions about your family history? Ever wonder where your family came from or their personal story as to how they came to be where you are now? Share your story!

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