12 September 2015

Great great grandfather died of inflamation

I finally found (documented) the death date and cause of my 2x great grandfather's death. He died of inflammation of the stomach on 20 April 1896 in Phoenixville, Chester County. He was 60 at the time.

An Ancestry.com hint led me to a couple related trees. Most have no documentation whatsoever and some have some glaring mistakes (of course that assumes that I am right!). One tree I have noticed over time has much the same information I do but did not document everything. I emailed him and asked about the source. Last night he returned my email with the source (Chester County Archives) and the web link. I had looked through this database several times but his last name was spelled differently. The archives/indexer had dropped the O of O'Flaherty.

Thank you, Ed! Ed was awesome and now I can head over to the Archives on my next free day and look up his actual death record!

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