07 October 2015

52 Ancestors: October Birthdays

Several people in my family were born in October. My cousin Janet Webster Sammons will celebrate her 84th birthday this year and God love her she is still going strong! Another cousin, Lorraine Welsh Webb, will celebrate her birthday too. There are many a few others but, in my humble and of course unbiased opinion, none that stand out as much as my babies! 

My twins – Anna and Zorina – will be 17 on Wednesday, the 7th.  They were a month early, which is not unusual for twins. They were born on a Wednesday.  

That week I went into work – drove myself – for our advertising staff meeting. At the time I was selling ads and writing for the (now defunct) Ledger Newspapers in Quarryville. I announced I would be working from home thereafter and made arrangements with the one of the other salespersons (her name was Dee, a real sweetheart but for the life of me, I cannot recall her last name) for her to stop by and pick up my ad copy. Tuesday morning, I stayed at home and sold ads a good portion of the day. Did well too.  

Wednesday, I was going to go drop my husband at work (he was at Clipper Magazine at the time) and then head over to the doctor’s for a routine check up. I was so uncomfortable that morning! I didn’t even realize I was already in the early stage of labor. I just thought I ate something that didn’t agree with me. After all, they were not due for another month. I didn’t have the nursery set up. The crib was not even put up yet! My bags were not packed. It never dawned on me that they would be a month early! Thank goodness my husband realized what was going on … and for the sense not to tell me! The doctor realized it too but they told me I should go on over to the hospital for a non-stress test. That was in the morning. While the nurses hooked me up to every machine imaginable to test the stress levels on the babies, I continued to sell ads from the hospital bed. Finally around noon the nurses told me I had time to make a decision – natural or c-section. That’s when it all hit! 

The girls continue to catch me off guard sometimes, even now 17 years later. I am so lucky to have them in my life.  They both have good souls. I am humbled that God trusted me and granted me the privilege of raising them.  

It is customary in our Church to wish the birthday girls “Mnohaya Lita.” This is Slavonic for “God Grant You Many Years”. So … my babies … Mnohaya Lita! 

Amy Johnson Crow, of No Story Too Small, challenges fellow GeneaBloggers each week with her 52 Ancestors Challenge. This week’s prompt is:  October: What ancestor has a birthday or anniversary in October? 


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