23 November 2015

On This Day: Colorado governor calls on militia

Unions have been supporting workers in America for centuries. The Western Federation of Miners (WFM) had been founded in 1893 in Montana. Its strong influence had reached Cripple Creek in Colorado. By the end of October 1903, miners in the Cripple Creek gold mines took part in a strike. The goal of the strike was an eight hour workday. 

With the gold mine standing still, Colorado Governor James Peabody sent the state militia into town On This Day in 1903. The mine owners, determined to break the union, had turned to the governor for state militia protection for the replacement workers being brought in. 

The strike, over the next few months, turned violent. By mid-summer the following year (1904), the strike was over and the union never regained the same control.  

Colorado governor sends militia to Cripple Creek. 23 November 1903. History.com  


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