25 November 2015

On This Day: Storm of the century dumps feet of snow

The “storm of the century” hit the eastern United States On This Day in 1950. The storm dumped several feet of snow over the Appalachians and nearby areas.

The storm formed over North Carolina. It moved north affecting western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and West Virginia. In addition to the blanket of snow, record colds and strong windstorm struck from North Carolina to New York and beyond to the New England states. 

This storm is said to have claimed 160 lives. 

The Logan Daily News, out of Logan, Ohio, called the storm the “worst snowstorm on record.” The snow was 19 inches deep in Pittsburgh On This Day in 1950, according to the Delaware County Daily Times, in Chester, PA. The paper also reported that another 15 inches was expected and that Pittsburgh was essentially paralyzed. The Daily Notes, out of Canonsburg, PA, ran a photo of snow drifts in Cleveland, stating that the blizzard was the worst since 1913. 

Stormof the century hits eastern US. 25 November 1950. History.com. 

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