22 December 2015

Goals for 2016 for hubby’s lineage

I am working on genealogy goals for the New Year for the hubby’s side. While mine will mostly focus on my immigrants and ancestral homelands, I think for his I may concentrate on confirming documentation across the board and researching one or two lines in more detail.

I have his Eckman line dated back to the mid 1600’s to the birth of his 7th great grandfather, Ulrich Eckman. The Eckmans are from Roamnshorn, Canton of Thurgan in Switzerland. This is definitely one branch on which I would like to confirm documentation.
The Deyoe line is another I would like to work on documenting more. This past summer we took a few days and went up New York. We gained a lot of information that I am still in the processing of transcribing all the data.
The shortest line I have is that of his maternal grandfather’s mother, Louise Sharp. She has been a bit of a mystery. She was, according to several census records, born in 1838 in Delaware County, New York. I believe her mother’s first name is Sarah but that is know of her parents, at this time. She is a ghost from 1850 when she is just 12 to 1871 when, at 32, her first son is born. My goal is to find documentation of her marriage to Daniel Deyoe.
Glenn got his DNA run through Ancestry.com to confirm/deny a family story about being Native American. The stories his uncle and sister and even himself told me were that a Deyoe married a Mescalero whom he met while serving in the military. While it is still entirely possible that somewhere up his tree there is a Native American, he does not have any of that person’s DNA. The stories do not align with the facts that have been uncovered either.

His DNA broke down as such:

Europe West                           56%

Ireland                                     26%

Great Britain                           6%

Italy/Greece                            4%

Finland/Northwest Russia      3%

Iberian Peninsula                     3%

Scandinavia                             1%

Finally since I plan to poke around Ireland a lot on my side, I may also focus a bit on Glenn’s 2nd great grandmother, Catherine Wrenn. She was born 6 June 1831 in Ireland and arrived in America in 1849.

I would love to search every line on both our sides but I am hoping to get a few other (pun intended) related items accomplished as well in 2016. I think these four lines will keep me plenty busy!

Please feel free to share you goals below in the comments!

© Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, 2015

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