16 December 2015

Goals for 2016 for my lineage

Working on genealogy goals for the New Year. Thinking of concentrating efforts on my immigrants and ancestral homelands.

There are a few (on Mom's side) that I am still not certain of yet. Daddy's side was actually easier, probably since I am only third generation American on his side so I only have four direct immigrants (my great grandparents). Mom's however ...

Frances & John Kurenda
My known immigrants are:
Daddy's side:
  • Panko Hruszczak - from Prusy, Sambor, Galicia
  • Bessie Matys - from Fraga, Rohatya, Galicia
  • John Kurenda - from Tatary, Sambor, Galicia, Poland
  • Frances Skrabalak - from Temeszow, Poland
Mom's Irish lines:
  • Mary Kilpatrick - my great grandmother
  • Michael Walsh - my 2x great grandfather
  • Anna Keating - my 2x great grandmother
  • Dennis O'Flaherty - my 2x great grandfather
  • Martha Durkin - my 2x great grandmother

I got my AncestryDNA results back earlier and would also like to confirm which of my lines is my European Jewish line. The rest all seem pretty obvious. My DNA shows 35% Eastern Europe; 29% Great Britain; 17% Ireland; 14% Scandinavian; 3% Europe West; 1% Italy/Greece; and the 1% European Jewish. I have a pretty good educated guess at which line is the European Jewish line. I have no clue from where the Italy/Greek DNA came.

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