02 December 2015

On This Day: Darragh saves Washington

It was On This Day in 1777 that Lydia Darragh, a Philadelphia housewife and nurse, overheard British General William Howe and his men planning an attack on General George Washington and the Continental Army. 

Philadelphia, at that time, was an occupied city. Howe had taken over an upstairs room in Darragh’s house. She would listen in on their conversations and then steal out of the city to pass notes to Washington’s men. 

It is said that on this night she overheard plans to attack Washington’s army at Whitemarsh on the 4th or 5th. Washington, instead of being caught by surprise, had his troops waiting for Howe. Howe finally returned to Philadelphia without claiming a win. 

Lydia Barrington Darragh. Find A Grave. (Photo)

Philadelphia nurse overhears British plans to attack Washington” 2 December 1777. History.com  


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