26 December 2015

Surname Saturday: Lines to focus on in 2016

Like every year, I list a few things I want to focus on and confirm or deny. This year I decided to focus on my immigrant lines and my ancestral homelands. On Glenn’s (hubby) side, I want to focus more on documentation.
My great grandfather Panko Hruszczak
arrived in New York on the Volturno

My known immigrants are:

  • Panko Hruszczak – my great grandfather from Prusy, Sambor, Galicia
  • Bessie Matys - my great grandmother from Fraga, Rohatya, Galicia
  • John Kurenda - my great grandfather from Tatary, Sambor, Galicia, Poland
  • Frances Skrabalak - my great grandmother from Temeszow, Poland
  • Mary Kilpatrick - my great grandmother from Ireland
  • Michael Walsh - my 2x great grandfather from Ireland
  • Anna Keating - my 2x great grandmother from Ireland
  • Dennis O'Flaherty - my 2x great grandfather from Ireland
  • Martha Durkin - my 2x great grandmother from Ireland
My Still line continues to be an obsession. I am determined to find out who fathered George David Still, my 3rd great grandfather. His mother Margaret Still – daughter of Charles Still and Margaret Rhoades – gave birth to George and later his brother David out of wedlock. I have an idea who fathered David but not who fathered my George.

In addition, I would like to find the immigrating ancestor on several other lines: Bing, Dudbridge, McWilliams, Rhoades, Rice, VanHorn, and Way.

On the hubby’s side, I plan to focus on documenting the Eckman and Deyoe lines more thoroughly. This may well mean that some people will get dropped from the computer (once I include them in the notes section where I think they might belong of course). It might mean that accepted dates or relations even may change. The big goal though is that this means, by this time next year, I will be able to have documented who is who and how they are related and why I believe said fact is to be true. It also means that I will be one step closer to my (hopefully in 2017) goal of publishing finally a history of the Eckman family.

Surname Saturday is a genealogy prompt from GeneaBloggers.

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