08 January 2016

Memory Eternal: Uncle Paul

I am embarrassed to say I do not recall my Uncle Paul and therefore I know little of him. He is one of my paternal grandfather’s brother. It was today, 21 years ago in 1995, that he died.
Uncle Paul (on left)
with Uncle Nick and my grandfather (Joseph)

Born Paul Hruszczak, he is one of the sons of Panko Hruszczak and Bessie Matys. Like his nine siblings, he was born in Rock Run, just outside Coatesville, Chester County. Some of his records state his birthdate as on 18 September 1922. Others state he was born 1 October. All agree he was born in 1922. Hence, I believe the difference is simply the Old/New Calendar difference. I have found this on several other family records as well from that generation and their parents.

His name change from Hruszczak to Ruczhak most likely happened – like my grandfather’s did – when he went to school. The teacher at Rock Run either could not pronounce Slavic names or refused to try. My grandfather had a few opinions about that but that is for another post sometime down the road!

Uncle Paul served in the Army during World War II. He enlisted on 1 December 1942 in Philadelphia. He served stateside until 28 December 1943. He then served overseas until 29 October 1945. He was separated from active service on 3 November 1945 at Fort Indiantown Gap.

He married Ocie Mae Bailey on 20 September 1958. The two married at Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Coatesville. She preceded him in death, having passed in 1989. The two are buried together at Holy Ghost Ukrainian Cemetery in Valley Township.

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