29 March 2016

Travel Tuesday: Safe travels to my eldest

My eldest got married back in September. Her husband is stationed in Italy. She has had a hard time getting all the spousal military paperwork in order but yesterday … finally … she boarded a plane in Philadelphia. Today she should be landing soon in Italy!

Her flight was not a direct one, which of course made her nervous. I probably would be too. The first leg of her flight was a layover in Boston. Fortunately a girl she went to school with was also on the flight. Her friend attends college up Boston and was a great help getting Mary where she needed to be in time for her outgoing flight.

Shortly before midnight my time,  she called to say she was in Dublin. Unfortunately her layover there was only about an hour so she did not get to go exploring in one of our ancestral homelands.

Today she should be landing sometime – soon I would think – in Venice. Her husband will meet her there and take her “home” to some city I cannot pronounce yet.

Safe travels, Mary, on this final leg of your journey!

Travel Tuesday is a genealogical prompt of GeneaBloggers.

© Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, 2016

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