24 April 2016

Sunday’s Obituary: Little Nellie Still

Nellie Reed Still was barely a year old when she died. The poor child died Monday, 1 July 1901. The paper claimed she was only 11 months old.

Her obituary, which ran in The Morning News, reads:
Mr. and Mrs. Still Bereaved
Nellie Reed Still, the eleven-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Judson Still died at Elysburg, Monday afternoon.

When I did a search for her father, Judson Still, I was not really expecting anything. Wow. Adoniram Judson Still was already in my family tree, albeit distantly. He is, according to Ancestry, my 2nd cousin 4x removed. That makes Little Nellie my 3rd cousin 3x removed.

Nellie and her brother Ralph were born in Danville in Montour County. Their mom was Dora Kneibles and of course Judson was their father. Little Nellie lived just long enough to be included with Ralph and their folks on the 1900 US Census. That year the Census also revealed the month and year of birth. Nellie had been born in February of that year. Now, that would make Little Nellie 16 months old when she died.

Judson (1856-1917) was the son of Amos Still and Hannah Deen. He is buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Danville. Amos Still was born 13 October 1823 in Chester County! His parents are Charles Still Jr. and Catherine Seltenreich. Charles Jr. is one of my Margaret’s brothers! Charles and Margaret’s parents are Charles Still and Margaret Rhoades.

Charles Still
& Margaret Rhoades

Margaret Still
Charles Still

George David Still
Amos B Still

Franklin Still
Judson Still

Pierson George Still
Nellie Still

Lloyd Pierson Still



Margaret is my 4th great grandmother. She is my Black Sheep. She is my matriarch. She is my mystery woman. She is my first Still in East Fallowfield Township in Chester County. When she 19 years old, still unmarried, she got pregnant with my 3rd great grandfather George. I have absolutely no clue who his father is yet.

Morning News. (Danville, Pennsylvania), 3 July 1901. Page 1.

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