06 June 2016

Military Monday: Church Honor Roll

Many communities – be it a town or a church family – have an Honor Roll of the brave men and women who served our nation over the years. Some wanted to serve and enlisted while others were drafted and have no choice.

My church – Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Coatesville – is no different. Out Honor Roll plaque is in the back of the church. Both the American flag and the Ukrainian flag are attached.  The Honor Roll was originally created for those who served in World War II but has added the wars and our soldiers since then.

Three of our men have gold star next to their names, implying they were killed in action. They are Andrew Buckle, William Grycky, and (my uncle) Paul Kurenda. Not every parishioner who served is actually listed. Most of the men are buried up in our cemetery.

Some of their stories – like my Uncle Paul – I know but many I do not and fear their stories will be forgotten by the next generation or two if not retold. So, over the next several Mondays, I will try to highlight those brave men who served our country.

Military Monday is a genealogical prompt of GeneaBloggers.

© Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, 2016

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