02 January 2017

Photo A Challenge A Day - Baby

Today's Genealogy Photo A Day Challenge is "Baby". So, If you caught yesterday's "New" photo of my adorable new granddaughter, you can probably guess who is being featured again today!

That's right, this excited Baba is showing off little Sasha again today! This photo was taken Sunday morning at my Dad's. That's him holding his great-grandchild! To be honest, not sure who was more adorable here: Sasha or my Daddy!

Oh - just an interesting tidbit. My mom passed in 2013 but her birthday was 13 June. Sasha was born in 2016 on ... 13 June!

Tomorrow's prompt is Childhood, so I'm not sure I can justify Baby Sasha tomorrow. You may be stuck with a photo of me or my kids! In the meantime, share your Baby photos.

(c) Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, 2017

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