13 June 2016

Military Monday: WWII Veterans

Last week I mentioned the Honor Roll at my church – the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Coatesville. Our Honor Roll plaque is in the back of the church and was originally created for those who served in World War II but has added the wars and our soldiers since then.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to our World War II veterans. The three marked with an * are the three who were Killed In Action (KIA). 

They are:
Babel, Harry
Bilinski, Michael
Bodnar, Stephen
Bodnar, Michael
Bodnar, Paul
Branson, Lewis Jr
Buckle, Andrew *
Buckle, John
Buckle, Michael
Daniels, George R Jr
Donkewicz, George
Donkewicz, John
Euler, Frank
Gbur, John
Grycky, William A *
Hachak, John
Handoe, John
Hanna, William H
Hasiey, Joseph
Hewczuk, Michael
Hruszczak, Nicholas ß my Uncle Nick (Gigi’s brother)
Hruszczak, Paul ß my Uncle Paul (Gigi’s brother)
Jacoby, John
Jacoby, Steve
Jacoby, William
Kasuba, B Myron
Katherina, Michael
Keshuta, Steve
Kish, George
Kopple, Nicholas
Kobylanski, M John
Koven, Michael
Koven, John
Kowalski, Joseph
Kozacheson, Nick
Krawchuk, Alex
Kryworuka, Abraham
Kryworuka, John
Kryworuka, Nicholas
Kryworuka, Paul
Kurenda, Paul * ß my Uncle Paulie (Baba’s brother)
Labiak, Paul
Labiak, Peter
Ladun, Joseph
Ladun, John
Lebid, John D.
Leveille, William J
Malamon, Demetro
Malamon, Michael
Mascuilli, Frank
Max, William
Max, Pete
Max, Stanley
Melnick, Peter
Melnick, Wasyl
Melnick, Michael
Monkow, Metro
Mogkow, Joseph
Monko, Maurice
Monko, Joseph
Mudry, Michael
Ohar, Peter
Panaski, Andrew
Panaski, Michael
Panaski, William
Papernick, William
Pashesnik, John
Peck, Harry
Podedworny, John
Poholka, John
Poholka, Paul
Poholka, Peter
Poholka, William
Procyson, Joseph A
Procyson, Paul
Pryma, Leon
Pryma, Michael
Rhoades, Charles E
Rhoades, Charles Jr
Sheremetta, John
Sheremetta, Paul
Sheremetta, Metro
Slawko, John
Slawko, Leon
Suchak, Steve
Suchak, Peter
Sushysnky, Steve
Sushysnky, Vladimir
Sushysnky, Anna
Towber, Paul Z
Towber, Michael
Turczyn, Joseph H
Turczyn, Nicholas
Turczyn, John
Urban, Michael
Urban, Joseph
Yankavish, Michael
Yosko, Andrew
Yosko, John
Zadorozny, Mary
Zaplitney, George
Zaplitny, Joseph
Zook, Anthony
Zook, Michael
Zubyk, Joseph T
Zvodar, Anthony
Zvodar, George
Zvodar, John

The Honor Roll also notes six veterans from the Korean War, eight from Vietnam, one from the Gulf War, and one from Iraq. The six Korean War veterans are: Robert L Barlow, Jr., Richard P Curry, George L Degnan, John Horblinski, Walter Maskula, and John Max. The eight listed (there are more) who served in Vietnam are William F Bigar, John L Dmytryk, Gary Handoe, Thomas P Kish, George Nolan, Teddy Ruzchak, Jr. (my cousin), Robert Timozek, and Wes Hatch. Our lone Gulf War veteran is Mark Teijaro and our lone veteran from Iraq is Jayme Houck.

Military Monday is a genealogical prompt of GeneaBloggers.

© Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, 2016

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